Notts looks for library volunteers
“We were faced with the prospect of closing 44 libraries – that was put to us by officers. We said no to that, it was a red line issue. I don’t want to be the council leader that closed all the libraries in Notts.”

Nottingham Post : 15th May
Library closures in Notts are shelved, but service faces changes for future

Public service workers will have to become Jacks and Jills of all trades
One former library manager chose to leave the service as a result. It wasn’t, he said, what he signed up for: “I don’t associate the skills in running a library with those of a registrar. I don’t have the emotional skill to do it.”

Visit to a library ‘worth £25’

Leicester Mercury : 15th May
Letter | Act now to save county libraries 
It is staggering, then, to look at the figures and consider that our libraries are at risk to save £4.50 per year per user, or £3 per year per household.

Croydon Guardian : 15th May
Letter | Why I don’t visit Croydon Libraries 

Exeter Express & Echo : 15th May
Devon CC accused of making decision on cuts ‘behind closed doors’
All five motions were rejected unanimously by the majority Tory councillors, who were also backed by UKIP members.

Barnet Today : 15th May
Tory leader Cornelius sets out election pledges
On whether services such as libraries could be run by voluntary or community organisations in future, Mr Cornelius said: “I wouldn’t have any objection to that.”


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