Louth Leader : 14th February
Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaigners express their support for library staff

BBC News : 14th February
Dumfries & Galloway Wigtown campaigners fight cut in book town library hours
From April, opening hours are set to go down from 42 per week to 17. However, the local authority has confirmed the libraries budget has an £80,000 flexibility fund. It is hoped this could be used to finance additional hours.

Get Hampshire : 14th February
Mobile library services set to be axed
He said: “I think it is devastating. The quality of life for rural residents is being destroyed.”

The Star : 14th February
Leading Article | Opinion: No winners as cuts bite
It was a sad day indeed when an 11-year-old Broomhill schoolgirl stood up and spoke out in defence of her local library and was subsequently forced to witness the petty squabbling between councillors which ensued.

BBC News : 14th February
Libraries see surge in erotic book borrowing


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Libraries News Round-up: 16 November 2015

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  1. Kewal Kapoor 9 years ago

    You are very lucky to have library , let this culture of library must not die , death of reading spaces and non availability of book leads to multiple chaos ,
    Everything is not about profit
    Book and library keep mind healthy
    I come from India where there r now very few good library left
    Pl keep your culture alive

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