Fleetwood Today : 14th May
Lancashire | Video plea to save libraries
Plea from ex-library worker turned councillor

Gazette Live: 14th May
Rallying call to save under threat Stockton library

Herald Scotland : 14th May
Iconic American writer backs campaign to save library in North Lanarkshire


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Libraries News Round-up: 18th April 2014

Public Libraries News : 17th April Editorial | Caught at least three ways: e-lending and librarians’ dilemma http://www.publiclibrariesnews.com/2014/04/caught-at-least-three-ways-e-lending-and-librarians-dilemma.html Alan Wylie's submission to the Sieghart Advisory Panel on Public Libraries http://dontprivatiselibraries.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/my-submission-to-sieghart-advisory.html Torquay Herald…

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