THE GUARDIAN : 13th September
5 Letters | Children must learn to love reading … 
including letters from Michael Rosen and Shirley Burnham 

Burton Mail : 13th September
Public force North-West Leicestershire library closure re-think 

Sheffield Telegraph : 13th September
Stannington library group announces building upkeep partnership

Staffordshire Newsletter : 12th September
Public meeting called by Friends to save Penkridge Library from being downgraded
“As a ‘library local’, Penkridge would not be a staffed library, may have reduced opening hours and will not be led by trained library professionals, which we believe is unacceptable for a statutory service.”


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Library News Round-up: 30th December 2014

Nottingham Post : 30th DecemberJulie Wright: Volunteers are not always treated well The problems the volunteers face with council bureaucracy, on a daily basis, would test the patience of a saint.…

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