East Anglian Daily Times : 13 March
Framlingham Town Council set for new chapter – at library in Old Court House
Get Reading : 13 March
Wokingham library to close for a week but Woodley to reopen soon
Newbury Today : 13 March
West Berkshire | There’s still time to help save Thatcham Library
Call to ‘maintain momentum’ of support from initial volunteers
The Guardian: 13 March
Liverpool libraries saved after budget boost – for now
Broken Barnet : 12 March, updated 13 March
Barnet Libraries’ ‘Watergate’: another privatised cock up?
SCL : 13 March
Reader Development a High Priority for Library Services
Express & Star : 13 March
Walsall libraries closure: Nine sites to close despite last-ditch campaign
Lancashire Telegraph : 13 March
‘The hard work starts now for us’ – community stalwarts save two Burnley venues threatened with closure
ITV News : 13 March
East’s literacy rates ‘third worst’ in country
Newton News : 13 March
Durham | Official Opening of Library
Bromley Times : 13 March
Bromley Labour leader Angela Wilkins defends Unite’s campaign to stop the privatisation of Bromley’s libraries
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Libraries News Round-up: 1 April 2016

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 1st April scroll down: Letter | Sarah Church - Chair, Save Swindon's Libraries Don’t rely on library volunteers http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2016/03/31/only-high-quality-steel-production-has-a-future-in-britain/ FINANCIAL TIMES : 1st April Locals protest as benchpresses…

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