Alan Gibbons : 12th July
Ed Vaizey states the blindingly obvious

Alan Gibbons : 12th July
Quote of the day
“….no authority should close a library solely to save costs”  —  Culture Minister Ed Vaizey

Public Libraries News
Society of Chief Librarians meeting with stakeholders 3rd July 2014

Nottingham Post : 13th July
Dawn of the Read flashmob highlights library plight in Old Market Square
The subdued flashmob was organised to highlight the importance of hard copy books and protest against the closure of libraries across the country.

THE OBSERVER : 13th July
Cheltenham has a certain affluent image, but there are many strong, distinctive cultures
For many of us who went on strike last Thursday, the dismal below inflation pay offer was not the only reason that got us out on the picket lines (for the first time in many cases). It was also about fighting against the erosion of a service that helps so many local people.


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