THE BOOKSELLER : 13th August
CILIP names 2014 library staff of the year

THE GUARDIAN : 12th August
Edinburgh Festival Review | Spine: angry blast at society that denies knowledge
Unexpectedly moving and bubbling with anger, this is a play with backbone which asks urgent questions: why do we write off teenagers like Amy? What do we mean by community? What kind of society is it where we accept that people no longer have free access to knowledge as libraries are closed down

Exeter Express & Echo : 13th August
County council praises positive response to Devon library consultation
5,500 returned questionnaires; 2,500 attendees at local library drop-in sessions; 1,000 people at public meetings; as well as emails, letters and petitions that have been sent to the Council.

Batley News : 12th August
Kirklees | Letter: Closing libraries would be a huge error

South Wales Argus : 12th August
Behind The Headlines: How Gwent libraries are facing changing roles as the cuts bite
substantial detail

Cambrian News : 13th August
Powys | Anger as cuts on cards for library 

Droitwich Advertiser : 13th August
Worcestershire | Have your say on changes to mobile library service
“Through this consultation everyone has the opportunity to tell us what they think and we will be able to ensure that all customers can continue to access library services and receive a service that is appropriate to them.”

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