A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

THE GUARDIAN : 12th April
Julian Barnes criticises Britain’s ‘philistine’ approach to arts

England is a ‘comparatively philistine country’, author Julian Barnes claims
… the “mass closure” of public libraries is a “shocking act”

Alan Wylie 
Gagged Library Workers

Alan Wylie | Library Safari anyone?

A ‘Library Safari’ is something offered by Red Quadrant and their partners Konvergence to Library Authorities in order that they can:

  • Evaluate the current customer experience
  • Assess this against experiences in other environments, specifically retail


Keighley News : 12th April
Bradford Saved Wilsden library is flourishing
“The library is only open one day a week, which is what we had when Bradford ran it. But although it’s run by volunteers, it’s still part of the Bradford Libraries system ….”

This Is Local London : 12th April
Harrow Public Library User Survey shows 85 per cent of people are happy with service as
90 new machines installed in 11 libraries


telephone box libary

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Libraries News Round-up: 6th June 2014

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