Alan Gibbons Blog : 10th August
Stand up for Southend Libraries
Alan’s summary, with photographs

This Is Wiltshire : 10th August
Swindon | Shop is a lifeline for the community
Peter Mallinson, the chairman of the Walcot Community Charity Shop, said:  “We were one of the first libraries to be run entirely by volunteers. We started this four years ago not thinking that we would be so successful, it’s been a roaring success.”

This Is Lincolnshire : 10th August
Protest heads to the council over libraries
Campaigners will march on County Hall next month in a bid to save 32 libraries from closure.

This Is Lincolnshire : 8th August
Does the council only want the answers it desires over libraries?
It seems to me that Lincolnshire County Council is effectively sticking two fingers up at people in the way it is handling the issue of library closures.

Southend Libraries March - image thanks to Alan Gibbons
Southend Libraries March – image thanks to Alan Gibbons
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2018 Local Elections

                   30/4/18 Elections to District, Borough and City Councils are taking place on 3 May 2018. Campaigners and others interested in quiz their candidates could look at this page on the CILIP…

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