Library workers join strike action

Public Libraries News : 9th July
Editorial | Library strike: when not working in a library is the best that one can do

Centre for Labour & Social Studies : 9th July
Renewing Public Ownership

Local Government Chronicle : 10th July
Senior officers warn of a looming crisis
Staff were even less confident about protecting libraries, with confidence in their protection at -91%.

BBC News : 9th July
Borough of Poole mobile library may close to save money

Torquay Herald Express : 10th July
Torbay ‘We’ll fight plan to close Churston library’
When asked, 31 per cent of Churston library users said they would stop using libraries altogether if it closed.

Midweek Herald : 10th July
Time running out for ‘Save Axminster Library’ campaign
Campaigners point out that Axminster is set to grow by some 50 per cent over the next 12 to 15 years – unlike Seaton whose expansion is limited.  They have also used the authority’s own figures to show how Axminster Library is actually the most cost efficient in Devon – yet has the least spend per person in the county.

The Library Campaign : 10th July
My first JR! Two illuminating days in the High Court in London

Grimsby Telegraph : 10th July
Volunteers could run all libraries except Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham & Waltham

Stoke Sentinel : 10th July
Newcastle | ‘Staffordshire CC’s Mike Lawrence gave us no assurances on library closures’
As a result, libraries in Silverdale, Talke, Knutton and Audley face uncertain futures.

by Joanne Harris – This fairy story has lost its happy ending
That’s why our politicians, far from closing libraries, should be opening new ones. That’s why our thinkers, instead of dismissing fairytales as fantasy, should celebrate creativity. That’s why our schools, instead of teaching literature in the way that gets the best grades, should be using it to fire pupils’ enthusiasm and imagination.


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