A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

ACE/SCL report says libraries ‘forgotten’ 
“It is strange for the organisations behind this website to launch it with such negative results—news like this is what gives councils green lights to cut their services or hand them over to volunteers.”


Hansard | Written Answers – Digital exclusion : 18th March

Romania Insider : 20th March
Study: More Romanians using libraries, but 64% say they need more funding 

Pakistan Today : 20th March
More libraries needed in the country – ICCBS director
…the existence of libraries and their proper use has become an indicator to evaluate the pace of progress of any country. Pakistan needs to have more libraries in every corner of the country to accelerate the pace of economic and social progress.

Portsmouth News : 20th March
Authors speak up over under-threat library bus service
‘If the visiting library bus service is to be cut then this stresses even more the importance of keeping the network of branch libraries across the city open and accessible.  It also highlights the need to keep and build up school libraries. They are especially important for children whose parents would not normally take them to a local public library.’

Brighton & Hove News : 19th March
Work starts on new library and medical centre in Woodingdean
Building work is expected to last about a year and the project is expected to cost about £1.6 million, with Brighton and Hove City Council spending £500,000 on the library.

About My Area : 20th March
Stony Stratford Library Transfers To The Town Council
Following a pilot scheme under the council’s Community Asset Transfer programme, the property of Stony Stratford Library has now been transferred to Stony Stratford Town Council.

The Star : 20th March
Sheffield | Read this: closing libraries may work 
See I rather reckon, in 2013, there is no need for Sheffield to have 27 separate libraries; I rather reckon, if we took a moment to look beyond Victorian sentimentality, we would see maintaining such a resource in such numbers is an outrageous waste of public money; I rather reckon, ultimately, Sheffield City Council is right to prune the service.



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