We’ve always said that libraries have a unique role as safe public spaces that people trust.
The latest proof of this is pretty spectacular!
New research by IpsosMori rates all the professions you can easily think of, on one crucial factor – do people trust them to tell the truth?
And right at the top are – librarians. They are trusted by 93% of the population. (Well, nurses beat librarians by a single point, but we are happy to give way to them… together, these two even beat doctors in the trust stakes!)
It’s worth noting that ALL the professions line up at the top, from teachers to professors. While it’s no surprise these days to see politicians at the bottom at 19%, with only advertising executives scoring lower.
It’s a massive – and deserved – vote of confidence in our libraries.
And in the professional librarians that make them what they are.
To quote Isobel Hunter of Libraries Connected: “It’s the people who put the libraryness in the libraries.”

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  1. Do you have the link to this research?

      1. Andrew Coburn 2 years ago

        Sorry Paula – first attempt to add the link did not work but I have edited my comment now – though I see you have found it anyhow

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