With thanks for permission to reproduce his reply here,  in response to the press release of Dan Javis MP,  Justin Tomlinson MP writes,


What a load of marketing guff, stating the blindingly obvious – well except (as expected) no mention of whether they would provide any additional funding or reference to the swathes of libraries decimated during the Socialist Utopian Government years / Socialist ruled Councils.  (I’m not saying any Party is perfect on libraries, but I wouldn’t have put my name to this 2nd hand car-sales brochure if it was in dashing blue either!)

The world of libraries is changing / evolving – come up with concrete suggestions (hey maybe funding?) not flannel.  Could of, should of, would of, dear me…

To those actually doing the graft on the coal-face, more power to you.

Me, I’d have a library Tsar with a commercial background (Tim Coates etc!), focus on numbers and customer experience.  Share this best practice, rejoice in being the thriving hub of communities – this would make local Government appreciate (and pay for) the services we want.

Be spikey, float radical ideas, hey even get it wrong – but get it done.

Cheers, Justin

Justin Tomlinson
North Swindon Conservative MP

Justin Tomlinson MP

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