Sheffield City Council is rushing through the sale of the Walkley Carnegie Library without listening to the concerns of local people. They want to take the Grade II listed building from public hands and turn it into a privately owned bar. But 38 Degrees member Cathy has started a campaign to stop them.

In just a week, hundreds have signed her petition and she’s turning up the pressure on the Council and local MP.  If enough people get behind her campaign now, it could be enough to persuade the Council to rethink before they go ahead with the sale.

If you agree that the local community should have a say in the future of this iconic building and library, please sign her petition here:


Here’s what Cathy says: “The building was gifted by Carnegie to serve the people of Walkley. Once it is sold to a private company it will never again be a public resource – there is no going back. There has been little or no consultation about the sale of our library, little or no information has been made available to the wider community.”

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