Happy National Libraries Day!

Laura Swaffield, Chair of The Library Campaign, says,

“Today lots of us are out there celebrating the amazing things libraries do – and taking the message to people who don’t get it (such as ….er… councillors).

Quite a few us us are having to add on a SAVE OUR LIBRARY campaign. So many libraries are threatened with savage cuts, closures or being dumped on to unwilling ‘volunteers’.

It’s come to something when arch-rebel John Lydon has to stand up for decent values while our rulers (local and national) are determined to smash everything that makes us a civilised society…”


Johnny says,

“…yes, Saturday 7 February is National Libraries Day.

Be there.

Be there.

Libraries are the most important essential part of our culture and civilisation.

They record every single thought us as a species have ever endured and experienced.

You are a fool to turn your nose up at this.

I love libraries. I love the work done by librarians.

Everything about me recovering when i was 8 years old is due to those librarians and I will forever love them as an entire tour de force of civilisation.

God bless ya. Johnny Rotten loves ya.

Please do not take our libraries away”

You can listen to his address on the National Libraries Day website…..


be there.

Get involved because really libraries matter!  


Join us to make 2015 the year that we are all there for libraries

– to ensure that politicians, at both local and national level, understand the real and wide reaching value of libraries for all sectors of the community,

– to impress on everyone, the vital need for sufficient funding, staffing and stocking of libraries to deliver the comprehensive and efficient library service to which we are all entitled under the 1964 Act. 

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