Does your library’s name or location in the UK (village, town or city, but not street) begin with the letters E, F, G or Welsh Ff or Ng? If so, you can ask the Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, to visit you on his next library tour: March 20-25, 2023.
Simon plans to give free readings in libraries for one week each spring, ‘from the flagship libraries of the big cities to smaller or mobile libraries serving rural areas… from A to Z, wherever the invitations take me’.
His ten-year journey will involve local communities, poets, high school students and/or writers’ groups in activities around the visit and in the audience. Each visit will also be live-streamed for an online audience.
Simon adds: ‘I also want to find a way of including alphabet letters from other languages spoken in these islands such as Welsh, Urdu or Chinese, and to involve communities where English might not be the
first language.’ Ideas welcome.
He launched his tour in 2021 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch (A to Z in one go, as librarians suggested!), with C-D in 2022.
Details: Deadline 19 August.

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