Birmingham is advertising for a ‘provider’ to run its massive new central library (and ‘support services’ for much of the rest of the service. The ad in CILIP Update for February (p.37), although the news staff don’t seem to spotted it and done a story on it.

birmingham Central advert

The contract starts ‘no later than’ 3rd September this year. It includes decommissioning the old library and transferring the stock to the new mega-library AND getting in ‘private investment’ AND ‘participating[ing] actively in economic, social and environmental regeneration of the locality’.

Applications had to be on 8th March.

Good luck, Birmingham, with finding someone to do all that in 6 months flat!

What’s going on?

The ad says, in part:

The Library of Birmingham project will create a new library for Birmingham, replacing the current 1970’s central library. It will comprise of 10 levels; nine above ground and one below ground amounting to approximately 31,000 m/sq of space. Construction will be completed by mid-2013.

The new Library will set new standards for libraries both in terms of iconic design and in terms of creating an exceptional resource for learning, information, and culture. This is an exciting opportunity to modernise the library service for the people of Birmingham for the decades to come.

The Library has been designed to be open, welcoming and accessible and with an embedded technology focus running throughout the building. The successful applicant will be expected to operate the Library of Birmingham (LoB) including but not limited to the City’s archive collection, support services for Community Libraries, the Mobile Library, Library  Service at Home and management of the the Council’s book fund.

Birmingham Central

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4 Replies to “Another library service going private?”

  1. […] News of Birmingham Central Library, thanks to a member of The Library Campaign for spotting the advert! […]

  2. Margaret Brittin 11 years ago

    I contacted CILIP Update about this asking if they were following it up and was told that they are hoping to cover it in the May edition.

  3. East Birmingham against the cuts 11 years ago

    Does anyone know which companies have submitted a tender for this contract, the cabinet papers refer to an ‘in-house’ bid?
    Is there anyone out there doing any work to oppose this procurement?
    East Birmingham against the cuts

    1. Elizabeth Ash 11 years ago

      Nothing confirmed but only suspicions at this point. It seems LSSI plan to bid, as uncovered by Alan Wylie. You can find out more regarding this in his post here
      GLL and JLIS are likely contenders.

      We’ll add details when more information comes to light.

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