The Bookseller, the Bible of the book trade, has published a whole issue focused on libraries – for the first time ever. It includes, of course, a piece by us at TLC.
The online edition is free to read, for ONE WEEK ONLY, starting on Friday September 3rd.
It’s quite a tribute to the goodwill that libraries have garnered during lockdown – and, of course, libraries’ continuing importance to the book world. They create readers from infancy, and encourage a lifelong exploration of books.
A major theme in this special issue is that publishers of e-books rarely grasp this simple idea. Libraries get the blame for a less-than-ideal e-book offer – but it’s publishers’ prices and restrictions that are the real problem.
Plenty more interesting stuff in this limited special issue. Meanwhile TLC’s Campaigner remains Britain’s ONLY public libraries magazine – free all year round on our website, with a print edition for TLC members.

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