This page includes all the local groups we know about in London. If you know of any more (or spot any errors) please let us know. You can email

  • Libraries for Life for Londoners  (LLL) – umbrella organisation for London groups WEBSITE EMAIL (updated 03/21)

Barking and Dagenham



  • Friends of Blackfen Community Library WEBSITE (added 12/19)
  • Friends of Bostall Library WEBSITE (added 12/19)
  • Friends of Crayford Library WEBSITE (updated 12/19)




  • Camden Public Libraries Users Group WEBSITE (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Belsize Community Library WEBSITE  TWITTER  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Chalk Farm Library FACEBOOK (added 07/18)
  • Friends of Highgate Library WEBSITE  FACEBOOK  TWITTER  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Holborn Library WEBSITE (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Queens Crescent Library WEBSITE (checked 12/19)
  • Swiss Cottage Central Library Users Group WEBSITE  TWITTER (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of West Hampstead Library WEBSITE  EMAIL (checked 12/19)



  • Save Ealing’s Libraries Campaign FACEBOOK  PETITION (checked 12/19)
  • Save Hanwell Library PETITION (updated 12/19)
  • Save Pitshanger Library PETITION (added 01/20)
  • Save Southall Library Campaign PETITION (added 01/20)


  • Friends of the East Greenwich Free Library WEBSITE  FACEBOOK  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of West Greenwich Library WEBSITE (checked 12/19)




  • Friends of Islington Libraries are incorporated in Islington Society WEBSITE  EMAIL according to news article of 6/11 (checked 12/19)



  • Defend The 10  WEBSITE  TWITTER (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Carnegie Library (Herne Hill) WEBSITE  FACEBOOK  TWITTER  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Durning Library (Kennington) WEBSITE  EMAIL (updated 12/19)
  • Friends of Lambeth Palace Library WEBSITE  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Minet Library – Minet Hub WEBSITE  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Streatham Library Group FACEBOOK  TWITTER (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Tate Library (Brixton) WEBSITE  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library (Vauxhall) WEBSITE  EMAIL (checked 12/19)
  • Upper Norwood Library Campaign (library run jointly by Lambeth and Croydon) EMAIL (updated 12/19)
  • Save Upper Norwood Library From Closure (library run jointly by Lambeth and Croydon) FACEBOOK  TWITTER (checked 12/19)
  • Friends of West Norwood Library FACEBOOK (checked 12/19)


 City of London

  • Friends of Guildhall Library WEBSITE (added 12/19)



  • Stop Gants Hill Library Redevelopment PETITION (added 01/20)

 Richmond Upon Thames

  • Friends of Ham Library WEBSITE (added 01/20)
  • Friends of Hampton Wick Library WEBSITE  TWITTER  EMAIL (updated 04/21)
  • Friends of Kew Library WEBSITE (added 01/20)
  • Friends of Whitton Library/Junior Friends of Whitton Library FACEBOOK  EMAIL (checked 12/19)


  • Friends of Cheam Library WEBSITE  TWITTER (added 01/20)
  • Friends of Sutton Life Centre WEBSITE (added 01/20)

 Waltham Forest



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