The Bookseller: 9 February
Settle to step down as Libraries Taskforce chief next month 9 February
Somerset | Save Highbridge Library! Campaign launched to halt closure plan
This is the West Country: 9 February
Somerset | Save our library: Residents set up campaign to save Highbridge Library
North Somerset Times: 9 February
Libraries face uncertain future as council seeks cuts
Cambridge Independent: 9 February
Cambridgeshire libraries to get new lease of life
Reading Chronicle: 9 February
Reading Borough Council will meet on February 19 to discuss the latest batch of savings
Bristol Post: 9 February
We can save Bristol’s libraries, parks and create new school places – Lib Dems claim
The Guardian: 9 February
Trafford becomes first UK council to abolish all library fines


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Libraries News Round-up: 23 November 2016

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Libraries News Round-up: 10 February 2016

THE GUARDIAN : 9th February Cameron ‘buying off’ Tory MPs threatening to rebel over council cuts Public Libraries News : 9th February Speaking up for libraries; deep cuts to…

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