New Cross : 3rd June A documentary about a community that saved their local library from closure whatever your views – you will be uplifted by this

Library Campaign : 5th June Disappointed by ACE live chat? Then join us! We don’t need a second Ed Vaizey. Yet too many of Brian’s answers are just like Ed’s. They boil down to: ‘Everything’s fine. And if it’s not, it’s nothing to do with us.’

ACE : 5th June Live chat with Brian Ashley, Director, Libraries transcript Q’s and A’s

BBC News : 5th June Dumfries and Galloway library cut plans condemned

The Bolton News  5th June “No government inquiry” into library closures “It seems that such decisions on the future of local services are  made in the comfort of Whitehall offices without any official bothering  to step out and actually meet the people affected by the closures. There is a vast chasm between those struggling in deprived areas of  towns such as Bolton and the faceless officials in the DCMS.”

Gazette & Herald : 5th June North Yorkshire | Plan to move libraries to rail site is shelved The future of Malton and Norton libraries is still undecided, it has been revealed.

This Is Nottingham : 3rd June Library facelift will open new chapter for users and staff

Lockerbie library

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