BBC News : 2nd April
Council could close half of Devon’s libraries
The BBC has obtained a briefing paper listing 28 of the 50 public libraries in Devon where council support is being cut. Communities will now be asked to take over the running of services, otherwise they will end.

Luton Today : 2nd April
Libraries of Luton Arise protest this Saturday
“These closures discriminate against the disabled, the elderly and infirm, the unemployed, children and the residents of these two large areas at either end of Luton. They will have no internet access for job searches, homework, knowledge or even checking the council’s website.  They get money for libraries but no one know where it goes, we have a right to know.”

Windsor Express : 2nd April
Libraries to open on Sunday from this weekend

Is David Cameron giving Maria Miller an easier ride over her expenses because she’s a woman?


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