THE TIMES : 25th March
Richard Morrison the arts column
A rose-tinted white paper
“Yet the paper is streaked with rose-tinted wishfulness, if not hypocrisy. What is the one cultural field that attracts a greater percentage of ethnic minorities than white people? It’s local libraries. So which institutions have been closed by the hundreds on Vaizey’s watch? You guessed it.”

Leon’s Library Blog : 24th March
Golden Showers!
Council Leader Tarquin Dym-Witt believes now is the right time to foster a new narrative around libraries.

Get Reading: 24th March
West Berkshire: Hundreds gather to protest Theale Library closure plans

Newbury Today : 25th March
West Berkshire | Self-serve library idea challenged
Hungerford Library

The Argus : 25th March
Brighton and Hove | Historic (Hove) Library to close

Brighton & Hove News : 25th March
Hove Library move wins backing
Inc. concerns re lack of detail, costings and loss of space in new co-location move

Brighton & Hove Independent : 25th March
Hove Library to move to extension in museum

Kent & Sussex Courier: 25th March
Opening hours for East Sussex libraries set to be cut back

Lincolnshire Echo : 25th March
‘It was wrong to close the libraries’ – anger lingers as new library opens its doors
volunteer-led library opens

Evesham Journal : 25th March
Shropshire | ‘Friends’ call for u-turn on Ludlow Library

library photo
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