LGA : 24th August
Council library staff trained to help people file police reports

Infoism : 24th August
Public libraries, police and the normalisation of surveillance

West Briton : 24th August
Cornwall | Upton Cross library facing closure as council calls on mobile service for villagers

ITV News : 23rd August
Police station counter services to move to libraries in pilot scheme in Norfolk
inc video report

THE BOOKSELLER : 23rd August
Corbyn’s ‘ineffectiveness’ meant Labour library campaign was ‘wasted’

Image by Samantha Galbraith (@sgalbraith47) used with permission. Contact the artist at sgalbraith47@yahoo.co.uk for orders or inquiries.
Image by Samantha Galbraith (@sgalbraith47) used with permission.
Contact the artist at sgalbraith47@yahoo.co.uk for orders or inquiries.
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Libraries News Round-up: 27 March

Windsor Observer : 27 March New mobile library plan http://www.windsorobserver.co.uk/news/15182618.Who_needs_a_new_visiting_library__Let_the_Royal_Borough_know/ Bournemouth Echo : 27 March Library and seafront services merged: bid to save £1million approved in Bournemouth and Poole http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15183282.Library_and_seafront_services_merged__bid_to_save___1million_approved_in_Bournemouth_and_Poole/  The…

Libraries News Round-up: 23 January 2016

Public Libraries News Editorial | Halifax give a little extra help (or do they?) and the SCL fail to directly support #MyLibraryByRight http://www.publiclibrariesnews.com/2016/01/halifax-give-a-little-extra-help-or-do-they-and-the-scl-fail-to-directly-support-mylibrarybyright.html Public Libraries News The pros and cons of commercial…

Libraries News Round-up: 15th February 2014

Gov.uk : 13th February Consultation on the extension of the Public Lending Right to Rights of holders of books in non-print formats https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-the-extension-of-the-public-lending-right-to-rights-of-holders-of-books-in-non-print-formats Sleaford Standard : 15th February Reduction in…

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