Public Libraries News : 22nd June
Quelle Horreur: further reflections on the differences between the French and English public library services
For them, England is fast becoming a horror story to tell each other in the staff room and an object lesson in how not to run a library service.
Ian Anstice was invited to Paris last week to speak to the Association des Bibliothecaires de France about the English experience with volunteer libraries.

THE GUARDIAN : 23rd June
When the UK goes ‘digital by default’, who will be left behind?
“I don’t own a computer and I am reliant on my local library,” he said. “You can book two hour blocks of internet use in advance, but if you just turn up you can only use it for 15 minutes.”

Leon’s Library Blog : 23rd June
Time to make a noise!

The Conversation : 23rd June
Australia | We like e-readers – but library users are still borrowing books
There are some 181 million items loaned every year by the nation’s 1,500 public libraries, branches, mobile libraries and other service points but, according to the latest survey-based report from the ALIA, for the majority of these libraries ebook loans represent less than 1% of the total.

Croydon Advertiser : 23rd June
Ashburton Library faces uncertain future after new council pulls out of sale deal

Torquay Herald Express : 23rd June
South Devon residents fight to save libraries
Townsfolk across South Devon were worried about the loss, not just of access to books and audio books for the young, the elderly and those who are not able to or can’t afford to make a round-trip to Totnes or Newton Abbot to access a library, but also of the computers which are heavily used by jobseekers searching for work and others who don’t have internet access at home.


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Library News Round-up: 12 February 2015

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