Reading for London : 16th April
Guest post: Library campaigner Alan Wylie

News North Wales : 21st April
Radnorshire | Go-ahead for new library

Peterborough Telegraph : 20th April
Volunteers step up campaign to keep Deepings Library running
“Most of us would have preferred the county council to continue to run the library directly, and running a volunteer library on regular hours will be no mean feat.”

Books on shelves

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Libraries News Round-up: 3 October 2017

Manchester Evening News: 3rd October Salford's 'Corbynista' council has voted to open libraries rather than close them Hartlepool Mail: 3 October Durham | Gap in library service causes fears…

Libraries News Round-up: 17 June 2016

Arts Technica UK : 16th June E-books fair game for public libraries, says advisor to top Europe court : 17th June The government are waging war against the poor…

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