litopiaThe Library Campaign features in an internet radio debate on quirky station Litopia, alongside author and campaigner Alan Gibbons.

Laura Swaffield, Chair of the Library Campaign, says,

‘The debate was sparked by the daft anti-library comments made by Terry Deary, writer of the Horrible History books.

Terry has been shot down in flames all over the press and the net, and has gone to ground. I think he realises he has made a fool of himself.

So instead we had our friend the wonderful children’s writer Alan Gibbons – broadcasting from his hotel bedroom in Hong Kong at 4am local time!”

You can listen using the link below.

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 17th February
The Myth of the 21st Century Library – Part 2

THE OBSERVER : 17th February
It’s not what a library stocks, it’s what it shares

The first digital-only library in the US raises key questions about the broader purpose of a library

Brent & Kilburn Times : 14th February
Brent Council branded farcical over Willesden Green Library blunder

Harringay Online : 16th February
Imminent cuts to library services in Haringey
. Deletion of mobile and housebound library services
. Deletion of Schools Library Service

Swedish article will appear in Eng translation 
Learn from the UK library slaughter …


A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

BBC News : 16th February
March through Newcastle over £100m cuts to services
with Libraries references

Chronicle Live : 16th February
Newcastle City Council reveals where axe falls
In total, five libraries face the chance of being saved, with new funders coming in at Cruddas Park and Fenham. Jesmond and High Heaton may be saved, but only if community groups agree final talks to run the. They and Blakelaw Library would still face closure with the possibility of being reopened.  At five other libraries, Dinnington, Moorside, Denton Burn, Newbiggin Hall, and Fawdon, there is no more funding and the sites will close down unless community groups step in. : 14th February
Children’s Author Calls For Librarians To Be Fed To The Poor
However, like Terry, now that I’ve achieved my goals, I don’t want anyone else to have that opportunity.”

Good Library Blog : 16th February
Russia to purchase the English public library service for one hundred million roubles

The Star : 16th February
Help for Sheffield library bids 
Groups interested in taking over Sheffield’s libraries could be offered help to cover running costs, the councillor in charge has pledged.
Coun Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for communities, revealed that ‘numerous’ community, voluntary and faith groups, as well as businesses have come forward.

Huddersfield Examiner : 16th February
MP Barry Sheerman calls for libraries to be updated to “move with the times”
“We should look at them as a setting in the community. It is the Government’s job to lead on this important issue.”

Bury Free Press : 16th February
Suffolk | Stowmarket Library’s push for ‘friends’
“We are hoping volunteers will form a committee to help us with fund-raising.  We don’t know how much we need to make yet, but thought it was important to begin the process and get the ball rolling.”

Midlothian Advertiser : 16th February
Local library petition started 
A petition to save Newton Grange Library was signed by more than 100 people in just two days as locals continue to worry over the future of community facilities.

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Swindon Advertiser : 15th February
Support for petition over library cuts

They Work For You : 14th February
Library Closures – Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport

FINANCIAL TIMES : 15th February
Newcastle set on closing 10 libraries

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 15th February
The Myth of the 21st Century Library! 

THE GUARDIAN | Education : 15th February
Why ready access to books is just as important as superfast broadband
The newest tool in social engagement? Reading – so think Gutenberg, not Zuckerberg, says Cathy Rentzenbrink

THE BOOKSELLER : 14th February
Quarter of adults ‘have barely read a book in past six months’

THE GUARDIAN : 15th February
Julia Donaldson defends libraries from Terry Deary’s attack

Sunderland Echo : 15th February
Horrible Histories author Terry Deary defends library remarks

THE TIMES : 15th February
Writers clash in library battle

Shoo Rayner : 14th February
Dear, Dear, Terry Deary! Are Libraries Finished? 
And it’s a little ungracious of him, he would have to spend that much every year in marketing and publicity just to buy the promotion that Libraries have given him for free all these years. : 15th February
Why Terry Deary Is Wrong – The Case For Libraries

Southport Visiter : 15th February
Sefton library campaigners buy extra time after more than 20,000 show support for service 
Volunteers and a private firm have offered to take over threatened libraries.  Voluntary group Sefton CVS could sell fruit and vegetables from Birkdale library if their plan to keep the service open is supported. 

Bracknell News : 15th February
Binfield library to get £50k refit


A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Public Libraries News : 13th February
Learn from the UK library slaughter, say the Swedes 

THE BOOKSELLER : 14th February
Scotland’s Moray council to close seven libraries
Currently, the authority maintains 15 libraries, but it the council claims it needs to nearly halve that figure to balance its books.

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 14th February
Terry Deary’s attack on libraries branded ‘ignorant twaddle’

THE BOOKSELLER : 14th February
Deary library row continues

Alan Gibbons Blog : 14th February
Open letter to Terry Deary 

THE INDEPENDENT : 14th February
Page 3 Profile: Terry Deary, Horrible Histories author

THE INDEPENDENT : 14th February
Libraries? Horrible Histories author believes they are ‘no longer relevant’ 
Deary: “Debate with him? In his dreams.”

Northern Echo : 13th February
Council tax freeze for Sunderland
He said: “What we haven’t done is make any decision over the closure of any libraries. That will come down to consultation process.”  Services could be spread out into school and community centres, functioning with the help of volunteers.

Swindon Advertiser : 14th February
Petition launched on cuts to library hours : 13th February
Wrexham Councillors Reject Principle Of Closing Libraries

Crosby Herald : 14th February
Crosby Civic Hall could be razed in radical library plans as thousands show support for Crosby and Litherland libraries

Terry Deary – author

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

THE GUARDIAN : 13th February
Libraries ‘have had their day’, says Horrible Histories author
Deary’s comments were described as “horrible” by his fellow author Alan Gibbons, a key figure in the campaign to save libraries.

THE BOOKSELLER : 13th February
Anger over Deary library views
Children’s author David Almond, who has spoken out several times on behalf of beleaguered Newcastle libraries, tweeted: “Terry Deary on libraries: self-serving ignorant cynical twaddle.”

Alan Gibbons Blog : 12th February
Terry Deary’s horrible library statement

Public Libraries News : 12th February
Oh Deary me: Horrible Histories author says libraries have “had their day”

THE INDEPENDENT : 12th February
‘How To Be An MP’: The most-borrowed book in the House of Commons library 
The book boasts step-by-step guides on how to placate constituents, advance one’s career, claim expenses and fend off an inquisitive press.

Poll: ‘How to be an MP’ is the most withdrawn book from House of Commons, but which title would you most recommend our politicians?
2 recommendations in ‘comments’

Real Business : 13th February
Business Link is dead, long live the libraries 
Frances Brindle is the Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at the British Library.

Oxford Mail : 13th February
Police push for money to go to officers, not libraries
Force chiefs said libraries should not get cash as part of “section 106” deals between developers and West Oxfordshire District Council.  They want money to go on infrastructure improvements such as roads and employing extra police officers. : 12th February
USA | Not Loving It: Young Students Forced to Go McDonalds for WiFi After Libraries Close

Guardian Series : 13th February
Libraries take on role of closed Epping Forest District Council desks

South Wales Argus : 13th February
Newport Library closures a sinful waste

You Tube : December 2012
Video | Idea Store – London Borough of Tower Hamlets

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

ITV News : 12th February
Library closures are “catastrophic”
Culture Secretary Maria Miller should step in to prevent the “cultural catastrophe” being caused by library closures in areas including Liverpool and Newcastle, author and broadcaster Baroness Bakewell has said.

THE BOOKSELLER : 12th February
Bakewell condemns library closures ‘catastrophe’

THE GUARDIAN : 11th February
Harriet Harman: ‘We get the arts’ 
His position prompted a bewildered response from Hall, who wrote to Jarvis saying, “if as the shadow culture minister you cannot robustly and publicly defend the right of working-class and disadvantaged people to have access to libraries and culture, I do not understand what you are doing holding that brief”.
It has been a mess, which Labour is now attempting hurriedly to tidy away.

BBC News : 12th February
Hull Maureen Lipman backs call to save Anlaby Park library

The Star : 12th February
Editorial Sheffield – Be clear over axing libraries 
We deserve to know the truth

Sunderland Echo : 12th February
Sunderland libraries facing closure under £850,000 savings plan 
A report by the executive director of health, housing and adult services recommends shutting down a number of the city’s 20 static libraries in a bid to make savings of £850,000 during 2013/14.  The proposals will be presented at a cabinet meeting tomorrow afternoon. Services could instead be spread out into schools and community centres, functioning with the help of volunteers.

Southport Visitor : 12th February
Sefton Huge consultation response shows love for libraries as more than 12,000 join Southport library campaign

Ealing Gazette : 11th February
‘Private companies could play role in running Ealing libraries’

THE BOOKSELLER : 11th February
Authors speak out for National Libraries Day

Daily Post : 12th February
Petition set up in bid to save Wrexham libraries
“Two of those libraries under threat recently have been refurbished at a cost of hundreds of thousands. It is mindless, a reminder of why we need libraries to educate future generations of the follies of the past.”

THE BOOKSELLER : 12th February
Deary: “libraries have had their day”


There’s just time to enter it for the Bookseller Industry Awards.
Closing date this Friday 15 February. 

They are looking for a library (or a whole library service) that offers ‘evidence of any combination of the following:

• Innovations that have led to increased use of libraries by the public, as measured by visits and book lending

• Innovations that have improved the public experience of libraries, both in terms of the library itself but also author visits, reading schemes, children’s events, homework clubs or other outreach services

• A superb all-round service, demonstrated by knowledgeable and inspiring librarians, expertly selected books and a welcoming physical and online environment

Entries should cover the year from 1st February 2012 to 1st February 2013. They want a narrative (no more than 2 sides of A4; you can include photos etc). Entry is online only. Write what you think, then go to this address to fill in a short form and upload your masterpiece here.


A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 11th February
Statement from Ealing Unison on the privatisation proposals : 11th February
New support for local libraries and businesses
The funding will focus on enabling libraries in 6 of our major cities to support local libraries in communities across the country to help increase their business and intellectual property capacity. Libraries in towns and cities will be able to partner with these 6 patent-holding city libraries, bringing the capacity of the British Library to the local high street and extend support to groups which would otherwise not benefit from access to such powerful business resources. Funding will be allocated to local library services through competition, which will foster innovation and new partnerships. Odd that Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester named as “partners” – given that they are closing libraries

ACE  | The Arts Council’s Director, Libraries talks about the recent community libraries research
see recent anonymous comments and responses re. Librarians / Paid Library staff

Chronicle Live : 11th February
Famous faces join the fight to save Newcastle’s libraries

The Journal : 11th February
Northumberland libraries bucking the national trend of decline 
good news

Daily Post : 11th February
Wrexham council library review could see three shut

Cambridge News : 11th February
Lifeline library has lost its heart, say residents
“It was so friendly and accessible with lots of staff. The library has lost its heart.”

About My Area : 10th February
Warwickshire County Council Announces Free Computer Use At Its Libraries



A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

Manchester Evening News : 10th February
Firefighters to the rescue of cash-strapped libraries 
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is considering a ‘groundbreaking’ plan to host collections in its buildings.  The service wants to help Manchester council, which plans to shut and relocate six libraries as part of £12m cuts to leisure services, find a solution by March.

Question Everything : 10th February
Opposition is the enemy in exile
on democracy, Swindon Labour’s recent statement, and a reference to Dan Jarvis MP

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 10th February
Croydon ignore National Libraries Day once again

York Press : 10th February
Campaigners protest against proposed changes to York’s libraries

SUNDAY SUN : 10th February
Stars join in demonstration to save North East libraries 
“What are we leaving the people of this area if we take that away? It’s a lifeline for them.”

Dudley News: 10th February
Celebrations to mark Netherton Library’s new home
The library reopened in the Savoy Centre in April 2012 and offers brighter, more modern and welcoming facilities than its previous home at Netherton Arts Centre.

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

BBC News : 8th February
Protesters stage sit-in at Levenshulme Library

THE GUARDIAN : 9th February
Alison Flood – National Libraries Day celebrates beleaguered services
Swindon Libraries, Newcastle, Liverpool – included in this article

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 9th February
Swindon Labour and Libraries

Swindon Advertiser : 9th February
Campaigners ready to fight library cuts in Swindon 
She said: “It’s not good news for us in Old Town to be cut from 18 staffed hours to 10 per week – nearly 50 per cent. You will remember we fought as hard in the past to keep our frontline staff as we did for our library itself.”

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard : 9th February
Campaigners from Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries hit out at Gloucestershire
County Council’s “patchy and amateurish” approach to libraries

Inside Croydon : 9th February
National Libraries Day: a pledge for Croydon
Timothy Godfrey restates a commitment to hand the running of the borough’s libraries back to the communities

Manchester Evening News : 8th February
Dozens occupy Levenshulme library in protest against council closure plans

Oxford Mail : 9th February
Ed Vaizey MP enchants young audience with The Gruffalo
“I loved reading it to the kids, and getting the chance to show how important and successful libraries remain.”

THE GUARDIAN : 8th February
Terry Pratchett: ‘I taught myself more in the library than the school taught me’ – video

THE GUARDIAN : 8th February
Matt Haig: Why I love my library 
‘A library is a book in building form…It is paradise.’ On the eve of National Libraries Day, novelist Matt Haig explains why he loves libraries

This Is Hull & East Riding : 9th February
Campaign launched to save popular library
“The old Labour Party would be appalled by the idea of closing a public library. Libraries were originally intended to educate the workers.  This just seems to be so wrong.”

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

Please note: BBC Breakfast – tomorrow – Alan Gibbons and John Dolan to discuss National Libraries Day at 8.40 a.m.
and  – Alan Gibbons is likely to be on Sky TV at 9.35 a.m.

Plus! Biddy Fisher is expected to be on BBC Radio Leeds to discuss National Libraries Day from 8.30am 

DCMS Response to FOI Request from Trevor Craig – re. Advisory Council on Libraries (ACL)
scroll down to view DCMS Response : 8th February (The documents supplied are most interesting)

Question Everything Blog : 8th February
The Law of Inverse Relevance 
There are according to the FOI still two current members of the body who I intend to contact but a body in this sense cannot consist of two people. Their terms end on the 11/Feb/2013 and 02/Aug/2013. I intend to contact both of these individuals and ask them why they are not advising the minister.

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 8th February
Gaby Roslin: Why parents need Britain’s local libraries to be saved

THE BOOKSELLER : 8th February
The Reading Agency celebrates National Libraries Day

THE GUARDIAN : 8th February
Fiction prescription: why libraries make you happy
The recent announcement that GPs may send patients with depression away with the suggestion that they read a “mood-enhancing” book will have entranced some but left others bristling. Is the NHS really so broken that they are sending people off to libraries? Or are the libraries so broken that the government is attempting to inject some energy from the already beleaguered service provided by our hard-working GPs?

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 8th February
Is it the end of the book as libraries close and e-books take over?
Britain is reading fewer books as a result of library closures and the growth of e-books, new figures show.

THE BOOKSELLER : 8th February
Editorial | Lending, right? 
Libraries deliver at the micro-level despite the challenges they face from above, and it is vital we recognise this. Worrying about libraries is not the same as running them down. The government said last week that the library service was “not in crisis”. The rest of us need not be so myopic.

FINANCIAL TIMES : 8th February
Private libraries have good story to sell
As local authorities slash services to cope with spending cuts, public libraries are vulnerable: 212 closed last year, and half of all local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are looking at alternative ways to run their libraries, according to the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals.    …….  ……. ……..
“A lot of public libraries have made books less visible and filled the room with computers,” says Paul Gailiunas, the Lit and Phil’s chairman. “In many ways the public sector have painted themselves into a corner.”

THE INDEPENDENT : 8th February
Boyd Tonkin: Squatting public property helped to save my first library. Don’t make it a crime

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 8th February
Library lending figures: Three cheers for children’s books – but where is JK Rowling?
It is encouraging to know that libraries and books still occupy a powerful place in children’s lives.

THE GUARDIAN : 8th February
Library readers still in love with Danielle Steel after 30 years

THE INDEPENDENT : 8th February
The tale of the unexpected decline of Roald Dahl 
Half of the top 10 have gained in popularity thanks to a movie adaptation – and all the associated merchandise. “The most popular books are being suggested to kids by adults, not by teachers and librarians but by marketing executives in film studios and publishing houses, throwing huge amounts of money behind these titles,” said Dr Lisa Sainsbury, director of the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature.

THE BOOKSELLER : 8th February
Children boost PLR library stats

Huffington Post : 8th February
British Libraries Are Fighting Back! And It’s Children Who Are Leading the Charge 
Long may libraries continue, long may the PLR scheme continue and long may its administration stay with Dr Jim Parker and his small, efficient team in Stockton.

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 8th February
A Public Libraries Manifesto for National Libraries Day 2013

York Press : 8th February
Borrowing spree protest urged at York’s libraries

CILIP in Wales : 6th February
Welsh Minister announces extra £150,000 for tackling child poverty through cultural institutions
again re-iterating that all powers will be used, and measures taken in order to ensure “comprehensive public library services” as required by the Museums and Public Libraries Act 1964.

Barnet & Whetstone Press : 7th February
Squatters leave as residents take over community library


And. don’t forget….

Saturday, 9th February is National Libraries Day, 2013! Do let us know what you are doing to celebrate.

We’d love to share your stories and photos.



A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

THE BOOKSELLER : 7th February
SCL discusses ‘purpose and proposed way forward’

Public Libraries News : 6th February
SCL shares plans for 2013
The main points include a sneak preview of the results of the ACE research and an insight into SCL meetings with politicians:

Liverpool Daily Post : 7th February
Author Alan Gibbons calls for campaign to save Liverpool’s under threat libraries

Save Old Town Library : 7th February
Swindon Library Cuts | Question to Cabinet, and Answers

Manchester Gazette : 6th February
Manchester Libraries help businesses to Go ONline and boost sales

Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News : 7th February
Survey says 90% of residents pleased with standard of Runcorn and Widnes libraries
Book lending, staff support, computer facilities, information and children’s activities were given as the five most important services provided by libraries.

Express & Star : 6th February
Mobile library service in Sandwell set to be scaled back
The provision will be reduced from two vehicles to one from April 1 under proposals which will save the cash-strapped authority £80,000.

EADT : 7th February
Suffolk Stowmarket: Library boss calls on community to form group

Horncastle News : 7th February
New Wragby library ‘booking’ the trend 
Officials at Lincolnshire County Council have dismissed criticism of Wragby‘s new library and insisted it is a resounding success.

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

Alan Gibbons Blog : 5th February
Campaign for the Book statement about proposed Liverpool library closures

Public Libraries News : 5th February
Liverpool “does a Newcastle”

Chronicle Live : 6th February
Campaigners hand over Newcastle library petition

Leigh Day & Co (Law Firm) : 6th February
Friern Barnet Community Library opens  ( register to read, free of charge)

THE BOOKSELLER : 6th February
Friern Barnet library to be volunteer-run

DAILY MIRROR : 6th February
The book stops here: Campaigners win battle to run UK’s first people’s library

Times Series : 6th February
Friern Barnet Library will not be sold but council deal is ‘not perfect’, say occupiers
She said: “It is a pragmatic solution that we will happily accept as there is no alternative. But we believe libraries should be publicly run, with qualified librarians and assistants. This is not a perfect solution but the council has budged and this is what was on offer.”

Guardian Series : 6th February
New hope for volunteer-run library plans in Leytonstone
But now campaigners have been given hope after being allocated a room at the Epicentre community centre in Leytonstone under a three-month agreement.  …. Campaigner Howard Smeed said: “At the moment we’re looking at opening it for three hours every Saturday, but we’d like to expand that if possible.”

This Is Plymouth : 6th February
Plymouth libraries are ‘desperately in need of WiFi’, council is told

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

Liverpool Echo : 5th February
Leading Article | Don’t kill off our culture
We’re facing up to the news that the city council is planning to axe around 10 Liverpool libraries.

THE BOOKSELLER : 5th February
Liverpool Council threatens to close 10 libraries

Liverpool Daily Post : 5th February
Liverpool libraries and care for vulnerable to be targeted in council cuts
Liverpool has 19 libraries at present, but the council thinks it can save around £938,000 (from April 2014) by closing around 10.  It is examining plans to keep a seven-day service at Central Library and at two community libraries (one in the north and another in the south).  It will also have a cluster of smaller libraries, of around six, open shorter hours.

NEW STATESMAN : 5th February
Whose library is it anyway?
After being closed by the Conservative council and then run by Occupy London, Friern Barnet Library is now in the hands of residents. But does this development represent a Pyrrhic victory over the cuts?

THE GUARDIAN : 5th February
Alison Flood – Library campaigners save Friern Barnet branch for community

Barnet & Whetstone Press : 5th February
Squatters to leave Friern Barnet Library as council and residents near deal

Times Series : 4th February
Community takeover of Friern Barnet Library expected tomorrow
Squatters currently occupying the Friern Barnet Road premises are preparing to “ceremonially” hand over the keys to the community group at midday.

Gazette Series : 5th February
New mobile library for Gloucestershire

Dorset Echo : 5th February
Burton Bradstock’s library turns new leaf as friends take over

South Wales Argus : 5th February
Axe-threatened Maindee, Newport library has city’s second most visitors

Aberdeen News : 5th February
Letter Why a library?,0,6343268.story



A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

THE BOOKSELLER : 4th February

Government says library service ‘not in crisis’

THE INDEPENDENT : 4th February
It’s not our libraries’ responsibility to help the mentally ill. It’s the Government’s

THE GUARDIAN : 4th February
There is cold fear and resentment, but little sense of hope
Libraries, swimming pools, youth services: all are under threat, with no evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit being created
see comments re. Libraries


Digital Journal : 4th February
Next Saturday is National Libraries Day

Postcode Gazette : 4th February
Sheffield | Frecheville Library under threat of closure
Each and everyone of the people that I spoke with passed the same comment. “It would be such a shame for the library to close.” This was closely followed by “If I have to travel to Crystal Peaks to their library, I just won’t bother anymore.”  It will be interesting to see what happens to this quaint local library.

Postcode Gazette : 4th February
Sheffield | ‘Save our Library’ urge Walkley campaigners  
Local Walkley councillor, Labour’s Ben Curran welcomed the bunting “as a creative way of showing the value that local people attach to Walkley library.”

Northampton Herald & Post : 4th February
Rallying call to be a volunteer
“Without their time and effort, libraries simply couldn’t afford to offer all the extra activities and events that library users rely on. In fact, we are currently looking for another 200 volunteers to help the libraries deliver even more.”

Thurrock Gazette : 4th February
Volunteers needed to help Thurrock library scheme
Internet experts are needed to help people learn computer skills at Thurrock Council’s libraries.

Romford Recorder : 4th February
Borough of Havering | Rainham Library construction expected to begin ‘next month’ – council

STV Scotland : 4th February
Free pole dancing classes at library ‘great success’ with readers
and “head massages”


What has your library or local authority got planned to mark National Libraries Day 2013?

Please tell us by adding a comment to this post, tweeting us details that we can re-tweet @LibraryCampaign or adding details to our Facebook page. Please don’t forget that many local authorities, schools and organisations are joining in the lead up to the big day with a week of events.

You can send photos and reports to

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NLD13 on Twitter.

If you are happy to write a post about what libraries mean to you we’d be happy to promote that too.

National Libraries Day is a positive way to promote libraries and all that they do.  Sadly, The Library Campaign is aware that some local authorities are not happy to promote it, for fear of drawing attention to the campaign groups fighting for local library services being closed, reduced or hollowed out.  Notably Kent and Croydon were caught out by The Bookseller last year for not having anything in place and this looks like it will be repeated this year. Newcastle campaigners are already using the day to actively publicising their protest against cuts.

Help us join to celebrate what libraries do.
The clearest message library users, and those who love and value libraries, can give is by marking National Libraries Day – this year on 9th February – by visiting and supporting a library local to you, irrespective of whether your local authority is marking the day or not!

We are keen to keep a note by local authority so please let us know, in confidence by emailing us, or in a reply to this posy, which we will share publicly.

The Library Campaign keeps a view of national issues with regard to libraries.  Might National Libraries Day 2013 be the time that you action your support for libraries by adding your voice to our campaign? The Library Campaign is an organisation and charity that needs members to support our work. Have you added your voice by joining us? We’d love to welcome you.

Collectively we CAN make a difference!

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter

THE GUARDIAN : 2nd February
Letter | Alice Ronson
and to see the wallpaper, here:

West Sussex County Times : 3rd February
Letter | Questions over Amazon lockers (in Libraries)

SUNDAY SUN : 3rd January
Protestors’ day of action over council’s ‘attack on children’
Crowds of families gathered to warn of the consequences of savage budget cuts that would hit youngsters in Newcastle’s West End hard.  …….. Tony Durcan, director of libraries and lifelong learning at the council, said:  “Many of our libraries will remain open, operating in the same building as other shared community services, like customer service centres and shared housing schemes, and we hope others will stay open through the support and goodwill of local residents.”


A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

THE GUARDIAN : 1st February
Eric Pickles’ brand of toxicity will kill off local councils, warns NAO
The auditors make two big points, only one directly about councils. The headline calculation is that councils are barely halfway through the cuts the chancellor, George Osborne, is demanding by spring 2015. In principle, that means that for every library closed since 2010 and for every planning department post expunged, another will have to go during the next two years – barring huge increases in council tax in 2014 and 2015 or depletion of council financial reserves.

Public Libraries News : 1st February
Government response to Inquiry into Library Closures: no worries and, besides, volunteers “grow” the service

Skegness Standard : 2nd February
Lincolnshire | Spilsby library proposals are a ‘criminal shame’
If you would like to help Dominique support Spilsby Library email

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 2nd February
Proposal to cut the Library Enquiry Service in Somerset 
This is happening at the same time that the SCL, ACE and partners have announced that ‘Information’ will be part of their ‘Universal Offer’ to Public Library users. 

Swindon Advertiser : 2nd February
Book up for celebration
The national celebration of libraries will be held on Saturday, February 9, and will see a number of Swindon Council’s libraries highlight their services to the public.

Times Series : 1st February
No eviction for squatters as Friern Barnet Library deal with council comes ‘very close’
A council spokesman said this morning: “We’ve been speaking to the Friern Barnet Community Library group and we’re very positive about reaching a conclusion shortly but we would rather have those discussions in private.”

This Is Croydon : 2nd February
Deal between Croydon and Lambeth saves Upper Norwood Library
But he complained that the £75,000 promised by the council was £114,000 less than it had been under the original joint agreement, and also claimed this cut could lead to the loss of five jobs and hit the children’s and reference library services.  Cllr Ryan said: “This level of funding from Croydon does not really give the trust a fighting chance.”

About My Area : 1st February
Volunteers Required For Northamptonshire Libraries
Volunteer Policy document:

This Is Hull & East Riding : 1st February
Households told to expect council tax rise
The budget also includes plans to shut Anlaby Park library in west Hull and …

This Is Dorset : 1st February
Friends of Charmouth Library celebrate grant success

This Is Cornwall : 2nd February
Universal offers Streamlined libraries keep standards high in Cornwall
Cornwall’s libraries have signed up to a national scheme to help book lovers and other users get more out of the service.

South Yorkshire Times : 2nd February
Centre could close as part of cost cuts 
A range of council services offered at the town centre facility, such as council tax and benefits enquiries, would be transferred over to the library next door. Drop in sessions would be offered as a replacement two days a week.  It is also planned to extend council services available at nearby Wath Library.

THE INDEPENDENT : 1st February
Boyd Tonkin: Timbuktu is a cultural tragedy – but if e-books burn, no one will see the flames
Why should we trust in their permanent commitment to the principles of freedom, openness and plurality? Given a boardroom coup in a quoted company, the censors could take charge at any time. If they do, and when e-books “burn”, no one will even hear the crackle, smell the smoke or see the flames.–cultural-tragedy–but-if-ebooks-burn-no-one-will-see-the-flames-8475340.html?origin=internalSearch

A digest of today’s news items, reproduced here, with kind permission from Shirley Burnham who collated it.  For up to date libraries news follow @ShirleyBurnham on Twitter.

CILIP : 1st February
President, Phil Bradley on the Government’s response to the CMS Committee’s report into library closures
and Link to the Government’s response:

THE BOOKSELLER : 1st February
Return of National Libraries Day

THE INDEPENDENT : 31st January
The medicinal power of literature: Books on prescription to be introduced 
“The big concern, as well as the closures, is that services have been hollowed out. Opening hours are shorter, and they have got rid of professional librarians for volunteers. There’s a lot of anger out there.”

Don’t Privatise Libraries : 1st February
Gimmicks Galore at the Great Public Libraries Gala!

Public Libraries News : 31st January
Special report: “Libraries of the 21st Century” versus “offering a new dress to a plague victim”
By linking in libraries to health and to benefits, senior librarians are throwing ropes out from the raft on to larger, more sturdy, vessels

Voices for the Library : 1st February
Society of Chief Librarians announce universal library offers

DAILY TELEGRAPH : 31st January
GPs to prescribe library books to combat anxiety, depression and relationship problems

Reading Agency : 31st January
Miranda McKearney’s Speech Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme

Milton Keynes Citizen : 31st January
Future of leisure centres and libraries in residents’ hands

Swindon Council
Agenda Item – Cabinet Meeting 6th February
Page 29
Reduce opening hours in all libraries. Provide10 hours in smaller libraries, 30 hours in medium libraries, 45 hours in larger libraries and 55 hours in Central library. Reduction in staff costs. No savings in buildings or IT costs.

Your Cardiff : 1st February
Cardiff Council slashes £22m from its budget – with cuts to libraries, leisure centres, and the arts

BBC News : 1st February
Cardiff council cuts: Pool, libraries, Flat Holm Island hit

Tenby Observer : 1st February
Pembrokeshire | Library rumours unconfirmed

Broken Barnet Blogspot : 1st February
Friern Barnet Library: a People’s Library, and a People’s Victory

Coventry Telegraph : 1st February
Coventry Central Library to close for three weeks for makeover

includes detailed description of redesign and improvements

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